Thursday, 5 November 2020

Using the Chess Alpha Font

I modified my Python program to use my fixed version of the Chess Alpha font. As you can see, the appearance of the chess board has been greatly improved. Here is the latest Python code. If you have problems setting up the Chess Alpha font, you can use the old version of the unicode_board function:

def unicode_board(ascii):
    ''' Return a Unicode version of the simple Ascii board.
    uni_sym = {' ': ' ', '\n': '\n', '.': u'\u00B7',
        'R': u'♖', 'r': u'♜', 'N': u'♘', 'n': u'♞',
        'B': u'♗', 'b': u'♝', 'Q': u'♕', 'q': u'♛',
        'K': u'♔', 'k': u'♚', 'P': u'♙', 'p': u'♟'}
    return ''.join([uni_sym[char] for char in str(ascii)])

and set the font in position_label to 'Dejavu Sans Mono'.

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